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Our Story

Why Choose a Co-Op?

Our Story

We are very passionate about feeding our dogs and cats the very best! We offer Oma's Pride, Albright's and Top Quality Dog Food in both the complete AAFCO approved diets as well as options for DIY too, with high quality, human grade raw products brought local to you, you can customize and rotate your dog or cat' diet to exactly what you want, with the peace of mind that comes with USDA human grade meat!

How do we work?

1. Place an order on this website

2. Group order is placed with Oma's Pride, Albright's and Top Quality Dog Food

3. Truck arrives within 2 weeks after group order is placed

4. Pick up order on one of the prescheduled pick up days. 

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Have questions about feeding fresh food? Have a specific problem you are looking to solve? We are always here to guide you through the process and help your pet THRIVE!