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How to Create an 80/10/10 Diet with the Oma's Pride Products

March 4, 2018


Want to Feed a Rotational Protein 80/10/10 Diet with Oma's Pride?

Because Oma's Pride offers many novel proteins and options to create cooling diets and other allergy friendly diets, many have asked how to create a balacned diet with the exotic and not so exotic proteins we have available at Oma's. I have put together my compilation of how to do the DIY “Pieces and parts” version of raw feeding with Oma’s Pride Products. This is an extremely simple and rudimentary meal plan. There are so many more wonderful things that can always be added in such as raw meaty bones or tripe, but this simple meal plan balances everything without the worry.



A few notes first:


  1. I do not recommend this method for those with puppies under 12 months age – Puppies require daily balance, and while this can be achieved through DIY, I urge those with puppies, especially those new to raw feeding, to use complete and balanced products. Having said that, experienced raw feeders may feel comfortable composing 100% balanced and complete meals daily, but puppies should not be on the “balance over time” method of raw feeding.

  2. I am not a veterinarian, nor do I play one on TV – If your pet has a medical issue, please consult your veterinarian first

  3. The Organ Mixes contain heart, and the poultry contains heart and gizzard which as raw feeders we consider muscle meat. The heart is a fabulous source of taurine, something DCM prone breeds such as Dobermans, Boxers and Golden Retrievers (just to name a few) can gain extra benefit from.


On to the “Pieces and Parts”


This is a fabulous way to add variety to your dog’s diet, and control what proteins your dog is getting (or not getting). You can easily incorporate many novel proteins, such as Kangaroo or Boar, and still create the 80/10/10 prey model diet you are looking for.


Muscle Meat:


When I refer to ”Meat” this means 100% Muscle meat. The following Oma’s Products apply to this category:


2097 – Ground Turkey

2096 – Ground Turkey Tube

7048 – Beef Ground

6149 – Pork Ground

1016 – Elk Ground

1123 – Kangaroo Ground

1015 – Venison Ground

1304 – Boar Ground

1125 – Salmon Ground


Meat & Bone Grinds: This is a grind of 50% meat and 50% bone – this can provide extra variety in your bone sourcing and meat. It will allow those with extremely allergic dogs to skirt around having to use traditional sources that may not be able to tolerate chicken necks or things like that. Additionally, if your dog is a gulper, this is a fabulous option for these dogs, you will not have to worry about choking hazards and the freezer space it takes up is limited.


2000 - Ground Turkey Frames

1124 – Duck & Bone Ground

2102 – Quail Frames Ground

1802 – Lamb & Bone Ground

1778 – Rabbit & Bone Ground

2004C – Chicken Frames


Organ Grinds:


Finally, we have the organ meat. The options we have with Omas is a Poultry based organ mix and a beef based organ mix.  We will use both of these in our recipe.


3235 – Beef Organ Mix – 57% Heart, 14% Liver, 29% Kidney

498 – Turkey Organ Mix – 50% Heart, 25% Gizzard, 25% Liver (75% Muscle meat, 25% Liver)


Below we have the breakdown by weight, for your information:


2lb Beef Organ Mix

1.14lb Muscle meat

0.28lb Liver

0.58lb kidney


1 lb Turkey Organ Mix

0.75 lb Muscle Meat

0.26lb liver


Total Organ Mix Combined: 3lbs total

1.89lb Muscle Meat

0.54lb Liver

0.58lb Kidney


Putting it all together:


I like to make 10lbs of food at a time. This allows me to rotate proteins at a rate of every few days and provide lots of variety; it also is easier to manage at 10lbs at a time and makes the math easy!




6lbs of your choice of “Meat”

2lbs of “Meat and bone grind” – remember we are still getting muscle meat from this

3lb Organ mix Combined - 2lb Beef Organ Mix, 1lb Turkey Organ Mix


Thaw all ingredients and mix together, then portion in packets that are either 2.5% of your adult dog’s weight for once a day feeding or 1.25% of your dog’s weight for twice a day feeding. ***Some dogs may require more or less of this percentage based on metabolism or the need to gain or lose weight***



Now to let the cat out of the bag on my stance with veggies - I believe that veggies do have a place in a dog's diet. They have much to contribute in terms of flora, fiber and antioxidants. While it will be forever debated whether it is a part of the natural diet, I have seen immense benefit in including low glycemic, brightly colored vegetables. Veggies should either be steamed or finely chopped to allow the dog to absorb the nutrients in the veggies. 


I like the 5 veggie mix and the 3 veggie mix from Oma's because it includes veggies that align with what I like to include and are already finely chopped for maximum nutrient absorption. The 5 veggie mix includes garlic, so it should not be fed to dogs prone to anemia, but for the healthy dog does carry the benefits of repelling fleas.


I do not allow the veggies to be a part of the 80/10/10 proportions, as is done with BARF model feeding but instead treat them as an addition. I add a small amount of the veggie mix to the already proportioned meals, and it depends on each individual dog, adding up to but not exceeding 10% of the dog's daily intake. 





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